S教育(Superior Educational Consulting Ltd.)创立于加拿大安大略省苏必利尔湖畔的雷湾市。创始人瑞秋凭借在加拿大安省伦敦,多伦多和雷湾三座城市学习生活工作的近10年的经验,为想要来加拿大留学和参加夏令营的中国学生和家长提供真诚的咨询和申请的一站式服务。


About Us
S Educational (Superior Educational Consulting Ltd.) was founded by Rachael and located in Thunder Bay on Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. With almost 10 years’ experience of studying, living and working in London, Toronto, and Thunder Bay in Canada, Rachael is dedicated to providing potential international students and parents in China with one-stop educational consulting and application services.

Our Mission
Our goal is to provide personalized and one-stop educational service, first-hand information and resources to students and parents. Rachael will be with you throughout the process offering professional consultation and make sure each student have a high quality study experience in Canada.